Sale Day Tips for Vendors
Final Reminders:

1.         Check in at the Registration Table

       •        Pick up your name/table # badge and fill out   ex:  Jane P.  #45
       •        Hand in $10 Garbage Deposit cheque made out to “CASH”
       •        $10 cash deposits are non-refundable
       •        Sign Waiver if you did not do the electronic one as requested

2.        Dress warmly
       •       Wear hat, gloves and winter coat.  Sometimes it is colder in the buildings than
       •       The heat doesn't go on for move in times, doors are constantly open and wasted
                heat= higher costs to vendors
       •       The doors are open for most of the night as people come in on Friday and
                Saturday morning until almost 9 a.m., we turn the heat on when the doors close.

3.        Setting Up
 Saturday Sale:  Do not come early unless you are able to help set up tables, this
                must be done first (Friday Set Up= 6:00-8:00 p.m., Sat. Set up 7:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m.)

 Sunday Sale:  Set up from 2:30-4:30 p.m. on Saturday, please be patient if there
                are some stragglers and if tables need to be removed/ re-set up.   Sunday from
                8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

       •      Your table will have a number on it when you come in (if you purchased/ rente
       •      Check in before you set up unless you are told to otherwise
       •      Do not impede aisles, this includes the corners
       •      Ensure that your table is secure, check that the legs are locked in
       •      Only use fire retardant cloths
       •      Most vendors like to pre-shop too, usually they will leave items they want to
               purchase from you on your chair with a note so you may choose not to cover up
               your items

Take Down
Saturday Sale:  leave your tables and chairs set up, you must be out of your spot
                by 2:00 p.m. to allow us enough time to set up for Sunday’s sale.
  Sunday Sale:  Take down your table and stack in a pile of 10
       •        Stack chairs in piles of 10 or lay them up against the wall if they are folding
                                       Garbage removal incurs additional costs to the vendors, which
                                          results in the deposit cheques being cashed (if this is necessary
                                          then any excess funds will be donated to the “The Rose of
                                          Sharon”).  This is an all or none situation since we cannot police
                                          the entire grounds for dumpers.

                                       Garbage includes, paper, bags, price tags, cardboard boxes, left
                                          over unsold items etc.  
                                       DO NOT DUMP any garbage on the premises, inside or out,
otherwise the garbage deposit will have to be cashed.  Any left over money in this case, would
be donated to "The Rose of Sharon".   The Fairgrounds will charge a dumpster fee if anything
but foot traffic garbage is left behind.  PLEASE, PLEASE take your garbage home!

6.  Lastly, please check your e-mail everyday leading up until the sale just in case...  I will also
be putting up Facebook updates on a frequent basis.