These pictures are from the Oct. 2008
Sale at the Markham Fairgrounds.  You
can see that there is plenty of space to
move around and tons of stuff to buy!  
These photos were taken later in the
day (we were far too busy to take
pictures for the first 2-3 hours).
Vendors setting up before the buyers descend...
Look how much stuff there is!
Two lines, express line for shoppers with exact admission,
$3, and regular line for shoppers who need change.  With
two lines there isn't much of a wait, it just looks long here
because the doors haven't opened yet.
Volunteers are always needed!  Thanks Suz!
The shopping begins!  Be sure to bring some re-usable bags
and plenty of change.
Find what you are looking for by browsing the "Items for Sale"
lists.  Every table has a number to help you locate the vendors
that have what you want.