So Yummy Chicken Spaghetti

Everyone loves spaghetti, but this one is oh so
yummy!  I hate dry chicken breasts, but with this
recipe, you'll have tasty tender chicken that the kids
won't spit out!      

Ingredients: (serves 4-6 portions with enough
leftovers for another meal!)

medium shreds (TIP: I like to buy them in a clubpack,
usually cheapest at Costco, throw them all on the
George Foreman Grill with a little Cajun, Montreal
Chicken or Mrs. Dash seasoning and freeze them for
recipes like this one, it is much better for you than
buying pre-cooked frozen breasts which always come
out rubbery and or loaded with salt)

1 jar of Roasted Red Pepper Spaghetti Sauce (PC, or
Classico) - don't cheat on this, otherwise you'll lose
some of the yum!

1 can of whole plum tomatoes

couple of pinches of Italian seasoning to taste, a bit
ground pepper to taste - forget the salt, nobody
needs it...

about half of each- diced or sliced red, orange, green

chopped carrots (1-2), celery (1-2) and onion (half)

garlic- as much as you like, I usually use 1-2 cloves

1 small diced zucchini

Optional:  brocolli florets- a cup or so

whole wheat spaghetti (I prefer Italpasta, I find some
of the others too grainy)  or Soba noodles (soba is
Japanese buckwheat, just had these the other day in
soup- my next recipe, and they were so yum without
the graininess of whole wheat and they cook in a


1.  If using whole wheat noodles boil water then add
noodles.  I find ww noodles take a bit longer to cook.   
If using soba noodles- wait- they cook at turbo speed!
 A note about Soba noodles- they are kind of ugly in
colour, so if you've got picky eaters they may be a
hard sell.

2.  Use cooking spray or a bit of olive oil to coat a
skillet- let it heat up on med-high, throw in the onions
and garlic for a minute or two then add the carrots
and celery (broccoli too if you are using it).  Saute,
stirring frequently until veggies start to get tender.  
Add in zucchini once you feel the carrots and celery
are softening up.  

3.  Pour in Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and can of
tomatoes, squash the whole tomatoes- watch out they

4.  Put a few pinches of Italian seasoning and freshly
ground pepper to taste.

5.  Throw in the shredded chicken.

6.  Let everything simmer together for about 10
minutes.  Cook noodles while the sauce is simmering-
remember, soba noodles cook very quickly, like 2

7. Serve sauce on top of noodles and sprinkle with
some parmesan cheese.
Honey Garlic Meatballs - 2 Ways

Love this dinner- simple, tasty, has decent
nutritional value, best of all, 20 minutes or less!  

Ingredients: (serves 2 and a pint sized kid)

1 bottle of Honey Garlic Diana Sauce

1 box of President's Choice Meatballs- I like the
Blue Menu Italian ones, low in fat, but they have
a few different kinds including chicken ones.  
They are precooked- my meatball making days
are over!  Depending on the size of your family
you can usually get 2-3 meals out of one box.  A
bargain at about $7.

1 small cooking onion

assorted peppers, green, red, yellow, orange

1 small zuchinni

optional-  pineapple, fresh or canned chunks

2-4 cups of rice depending on how big your
family is


1.  Put the rice on.  I highly recommend a rice
cooker, totally worth the $30-40 to get one at
Loblaws.  You put the rice in, it never burns, it's
always perfect and it's done by the time you
finish doing everything else.

2. Spray a saucepan with a bit of cooking spray
or olive oil, chop onion, peppers and zucchini
into bite sized wedges, saute until tender.  
Remove to a separate bowl when finished.  
While veggies are cooking, defrost meatballs in

3.  Put meatballs in saucepan and simmer in the
Diana sauce, I usually cook about 15 meatballs
at a time and use about half of the bottle.  
Simmer meatballs on their own until you think
they have been heated right through to the
centre, add in the veggies, simmer for a few
more minutes, add in pineapple if you like it.  

4.  Serve meatballs and veggies over rice-
PRESTO, you're done and you hit all the food
groups if you serve it with a glass of milk!  


Do everything the same but serve the meatballs
on some nice multigrain French stick- yum!  Add
cheese if you like.  Also makes a great lunch if
you have leftovers from the night before.